About www.divehot.com

About www.divehot.com 2

Who We Are


Many years ago Divehot.com was one of the first Internet-based diver supply companies. We are proud to offer you some of the highest trained and experienced scuba industry professionals at any facility on the planet. Our instructors have experience living, working and diving in much of the world. Whether you dive Puget Sound, the Florida Keys, freshwater quarries, the Caribbean or the South Pacific, our staff has not only been there, but we’ve lived and worked there. Why is this important to you? It means the staff at Divehot.com can give you the proper advice on the proper equipment needed to enjoy scuba diving in your area or your dive destination.

Why? Because we’re divers, too.


We’re divers that offer easy and professional shopping and a huge warehouse.You’ll choose from our vast selection of brand name diving essentials and accessories. Nearly everything is in stock so we don’t need to special order or drop ship. Place your order with Divehot.com, we’ll process that order quickly and ship it fast.

On that rare occasion when we’re out of stock, we’ll immediately contact you and ask if you’re willing to wait a few days longer. With our best price guarantee, you just might choose to wait.

How do we do that?


Divehot.com buyers scout the world to find the best products at the lowest prices possible. We even offer a best price guarantee. That means you’re going to see prices here at Divehot.com that nobody else can match.

Then we back that up with our onsite tech support, the best warranty in the business, bar none, and our generous 60/120 day return policy.