For those who like to dive, a good diving place is a paradise. Speaking of your favorite diving sites, everyone will have different answers, but among the many dive sites, which ones are generally favored by diving enthusiasts? Today, I have compiled some best places that are generally recognized by diving enthusiasts.

1:Scuba Diving Maui

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Speaking of a good place to dive, which is called a sacred place for surf diving by diving enthusiasts, will always be top of the list. Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Islands. It is a small island with almost no artificial traces and the biggest beach front is at the southern end of the island. It is a gripping landscape with a crystal clear blue water with a calm surface.

Due to the good natural environment in the area, there are many wildlife, including seabirds, turtles and whales.

2:Scuba Diving Miami

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Miami is one of the six most beautiful diving spots in the United States. The blue waters, the silvery beaches, and the famous seafood feast in the area have all become the reasons why diving enthusiasts yearn for it. Here you will feel that time is slow, strolling on the beach, bathing in the warm sunshine of the place, which can give you a very good diving experience. After diving, you can lie on the soft sand on the beach and enjoy the beautiful night view.

3:Scuba Diving Catalina

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Catalina Island is also a diving spot, which is the destination of almost all travel enthusiasts. It is praised by many as a charming holiday and tourist destination. Catalina Island is an almost isolated island with few people, so the local area is more primitive and natural. You can enjoy the mountains, the town, the sun, the beach, the water, and the harbor is also one of the most famous sights, known as the Green Happy Pier. It’s fascinating.

4:Scuba Diving Key Largo

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Lago Island is known as the world’s diving capital. The local waters are very quiet and clear, and there are almost no reefs. It is crystal clear like a gemstone that one can see the seabed clearly. It shines through the sea. It is a very good place to go whether it is summer or winter. Moreover, the local development is small, retaining the original nature, and the local area can enjoy many beautiful views that are not appreciated in the big cities. However, the advanced nature and development here are not low. Because it is a tourist and diving destination, local infrastructure like hotels , restaurants and many more can be found. It is a very good diving choice.

5:Scuba Diving Key West

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For natural reasons, there are many coral reefs in the area, where you can enjoy the joy of diving in coral reefs. A good natural environment will give you unique experience. The local waters are very clear. that you can see a variety of tropical fish and marine life scattered around you. Snorkeling in this unique water landscape will give you a unique feeling.

Key West is not only a diving spot, but also a tourist attraction. It is the hometown of the famous writer Hemingway. Besides diving there are many fun projects, such as dolphin watching, hemingway house, sunset plaza and so on. Diving in the local area will also give you a different kind of fun.

6:Scuba Diving Oahu

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Dive in Oahu, the divers will find the shark.

The local good weather conditions and natural environment have created a quite superior diving environment. The water quality is clear, the blue waves are clear and beautiful, and also to some common advantages in local diving, the most attractive place is its shark diving.  This is a very popular diving project in the local area. It is to put the diving enthusiasts in a safe underwater area. Although it is in a safe area, it is very close to the shark. It allows you to feel the shock of face-to-face interaction with the shark during the dive.

7:Scuba Diving Bonaire

The Top 10 Places To Scuba Diving In 2020, According To Airbnb 25

Bonaire is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, with it’s warm tropical waters, and colorful fish swimming around you.

Bonaire is the best diving and snorkeling destination in the Caribbean and is a paradise for divers. The local natural environment is superior, seabirds are in groups, and the sea waves are clear. The local sunshine is abundant, and under the blazing sun, the blue water seems to be swaying, and the colored coral reefs are beautiful. Imagine snorkeling in such an environment. How can you not be enchanted and addicted?

8:Scuba Diving Key West

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Compared to those quiet or recreational dive sites, Key West is the most tropical dive. The local area is a famous resort, and the whole island is full of tropical style, beautiful beaches and the surrounding coral islands create a unique diving environment. The local coastline is very beautiful, while  the marine resources are also very rich, also particularly suitable for yachts and sea fishing. The local waters are wide and the waves are like snow. The remote coastline and the small islands in the distance make it the most memorable view of the dive trip.

9:Scuba Diving Bahamas

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There are countless reasons to go diving in the Bahamas. It is an island nation north of the Caribbean island on the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of more than 700 islands and coral reefs. It is a paradise for sharks, home to corals, and a holiday destination for many diving enthusiasts. The subtropical climate gives a cool and refreshing feeling, and more than 600 uninhabited islands await swimmers to explore and explore.

10:Scuba Diving Bali

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On Bali scuba diving trips, you’ll explore a thriving and vibrant underwater world as the island is home to excellent dive sites and a collection of underwater gardens. Extensive coral reefs thrive in the warm waters around the island, and it’s common to see sharks, turtles, manta rays and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish. Spectacular dives in Bali include drop-off walls, shipwreck diving and drift diving.



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