Playing on the beach, swimming in the sea, if you can dive into the sea and interact with marine animals, isn’t it beautiful? So what best scuba diving in the world?

Best places for scuba diving

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The Great Barrier Reef

Wang is the world’s largest longest coral reefs, and observation on the earth in space only can see the place, is the world recognized as one of the most popular scuba diving, is the best time to travel each year between may and October, when the climate is more stable, light enough, diving can clearly see all kinds of coral and fish.

The red sea

Located in northeast Africa, the red sea is the most temperate and salty sea in the world. It is one of the top 10 diving resorts in the world. The sea here is famous for its clear water.

Barry for the island is one of the Philippine islands, here is a paradise for lovers snorkeling, here the most unique place is in 30 meters away from shore suddenly drops 150 meters, great ocean divide will bring waters rich in deep sea fish, coral can also see a rose along the fault growth, so the locals also will become a “rose” grand canyon here.


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The four king islands

The intersection of four Kings islands in the Pacific and Indian Ocean, the records of the nature conservancy in China, four Kings islands are fish and coral species diversity of the highest place on earth, the geographical position is relatively remote, so there will not be a busy season as “jiaozi” in a sea of, is the world’s ten largest diving resorts in each life divers will go places.


Palau between the Philippines and Guam, has the world’s most healthy Marine ecology, the annual average temperature in 27 degrees or so, most foreigners come here is to enjoy the tropical ocean scenery, view and admire the most the most clear blue sea water, jellyfish lake is a favorite for divers, dived into the lake at midday, you can see if frozen swarms of jellyfish.

The Galapagos islands are known as the “land of the giant turtle.” this part of the ocean is a world protected area. The waters are home to a wide variety of Marine animals.

Seba Dan

Seba Dan is the only a deep ocean island in Malaysia, and most of the world’s ten biggest diving resorts snorkeling resort is different, here is a favorite of expert diver, is also a world-class diving, below the surface of part is like chimney, straight at the surface of the formed the whole sipadan, therefore in the edge of sipadan step one step more directly from three meters of the shallow beach into the abyss of 600 metres.

Blue hole

The great blue hole is the fourth deepest underwater cave in the world that has been discovered so far. From the sky, it looks like a royal blue gem embedded in the sea. It is rated as one of the top 10 diving resorts in the world.

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Bunacan island

Bunacan island is part of bunacan national Marine park. There are 20 diving sites and the underwater landscape is so varied that you can see 70% of the fish that live in the Pacific. One of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Indonesia, the best diving vacation is between April and November each year.

Mei na

Beauty, the sea is the world’s ten largest diving resorts of the most clear, even about 30 meters deep visibility, there are many different kinds of sea animals, have been found in the world in eight tridacna clams in 7 kinds of settled in here, blue wall channel is the global five diving is the most authoritative organizations as the world’s best a dive sites.

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Which is best places to go scuba diving?

As a novice, you need to find a diving spot suitable for beginners. It doesn’t have to be beautiful underwater, because you basically only go to offshore dive sites. If you are already an experienced diver, there are some more challenging places to go.

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Just find your best scuba diving locations

Here are just some of the diving spots. In fact, there are many places to dive in this world. Find your favorite diving spot, and happy diving. Maybe you want to submit a answer to us below.


Where is your great scuba diving vacations?