Scuba diving and Free Diving are two of the main diving methods, and another is called snorkeling. It may be called diving in the eyes of many people, and there is no difference.

Free diving, scuba and snorkeling concepts

In fact, free diving, scuba diving and snorkeling are three different concepts with different names. The diving equipment used and the diving area, experience and so on are also completely different. So what’s the difference between them? What follows is a differentiating description of scuba diving and freediving.


What’s the Difference Between Scuba Diving and Free Diving? 5

As the name implies, it means that it floats on the water and uses relatively simple lightweight diving equipment such as waterproof masks, breathing tubes and flippers to dive. The waterproof mask can more clearly and intuitively observe the underwater world, and the breathing tube is avoided Divers need to keep their heads up for breathing, and flippers are convenient for divers to swim. If the divers haven’t floated on the water, they also need a life jacket.

Generally speaking, snorkeling is a relatively simple and convenient entry-level project for diving. It can be said to be a zero threshold. For the novice, if you want to experience the fun of diving, you can choose snorkeling. There are no technical requirements, it is simple, convenient and secure. This is the advantage of snorkeling and not requires particularly expensive diving equipment. Only simple diving equipment is required to complete snorkeling.

But snorkeling also has some disadvantages, because it floats on the water and is far away from the real underwater world. It can’t have close contact with the real beautiful underwater world. It can only be said that it is an experience.

Free Diving

What’s the Difference Between Scuba Diving and Free Diving? 6

Free diving is more complicated and interesting than snorkeling. Free diving does not need to carry an oxygen cylinder, but just uses the diver’s skills and water to stay underwater for a long time. is divided into leisure free diving and competitive free diving. There is no difference between equipment and snorkeling. It only needs a waterproof mask, snorkel, and flippers.

If it is a competitive type, you need to wear a professional diving suit. Because when you need to dive deeper, the pressure in the water will become very high, by wearing a diving suit can ensure the diver’s safety to a certain extent. If it is just for personal leisure diving, it will be much easier and more enjoyable. Take a deep breath like swimming and then plunge into the sea. Really close contact with things in the ocean from the zero distance and the diver’s own ability is often at the bottom of the sea. decided.

In general, free diving is not simple. It requires professional learning and training to reach the level of free diving. For a novice, it is not as simple and easy on using snorkeling.

Divers need to have certain breathing skills so that they enter a relative meditation state. and slow down their heart rate. These skills generally allow divers to achieve long-term belching records and challenge their limits. this diving method requires a relatively high quality of divers, but it is also a lot of fun. Generally speaking, veterans will be more willing to try this method.

Scuba Diving

It is also commonly known as deep diving, which means that divers carry their underwater breathing system for diving activities.

It has a lot of equipment for scuba diving, much more than freediving. In addition to the masks, snorkels, and flippers of Sambo, you need a breathing suit; such as a diving suit, which is used to regulate breathing on the sea floor; to record information Diving instruments; depth gauges to record depth; as well as cylinders and other equipment that must be prepared for deep diving. especially the gas cylinder is very important. Of course, the gas bottle does not contain the pure oxygen that most people think, but the air we breathe daily. If it is oxygen, it may cause intoxication and other states.

Of course, don’t look at the deep dive, it looks very professional and difficult, but it is not. As long as you go to the diving equipment store, buy enough equipment according to the requirements and wear them according to the requirements. You can go into the water, except that the seabed is a gravity-free floating world, and it is actually no different from the land…

Generally speaking, scuba diving is a safer, more comprehensive diving activity, which is safer and more stable. But in comparison, free diving is more comfortable and free without those cumbersome equipment.

In general, the following points are different.

  • First of all, the equipment is different. Free diving only needs some breathing tubes and flippers. Scuba diving requires a lot of equipment such as masks, breathing tubes, flippers, buoyancy adjustment devices, cylinders, and respirators dedicated to scuba diving. , Regulators, pressure gauges and more.
  • Secondly, the meaning is different. Scuba snorkeling refers to the diving activities carried by divers carrying the underwater breathing system, while free diving refers to the sport that does not carry gas cylinders and only uses its adjustment to dive as deep as possible. Freediving can be heard by listening to the name. it is very free, so the purpose of divers is also very different, some are for taking pictures, some are for hunting.
  • Secondly, the range of activities is different. The range of freediving can be dived to the bottom of the water. Generally speaking, you need to return to the surface for ventilation in half a minute or a little more, and you can only contact the underwater world.

But compared to freediving, scuba diving can get closer to the underwater world, integrate with the ocean, and enjoy the magnificent and beautiful ocean world. it is suitable for different groups of people. Free diving is suitable for those who are better at the water, like free and dare to challenge. Scuba diving is more professional than free diving.

Whether it is scuba diving or free diving, there are advantages and disadvantages. free diving does not require so many cumbersome equipments to assist you in the underwater world. It is convenient and simple. If the water is good and you want to challenge your limits, students who have breathing skills are more suitable for free diving. If a student who is not very good in the water and wants to dive into the ocean floor to have a close contact with nature, he can choose scuba diving.


Both scuba diving and freediving have their advantages and fun places. Divers can choose according to their conditions and their preferences, so that experience a variety of different fun places.

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