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5 Fun diving game! 50



Those who have played “Wind Journeyman” should like this “ABZU”.
After all, it is Matt Nava, the art director of “Wind Journeyman”, and the composers Austin Wintory and Nicholas Clark who led the production of this game.
So everyone called this “ABZU” the deep-sea version of “Wind Journeyman”.

5 Fun diving game! 51

However, “ABZU” is actually different from the gameplay of “Wind Journeyman”, which emphasizes emotional experience, but uses traditional narrative methods, somewhat similar to RGP role-playing games.

5 Fun diving game! 52

In the game, you need to play as a female diver to explore the vast ocean!
Of course the game itself will not give you any guidance, you can swim as you like.
But it still has a linear story and upgradeable equipment and props!

5 Fun diving game! 53

In addition to enjoying the blue ocean and various marine life, there are also mysterious underwater ruins and secrets of ancient times waiting for you to explore!

5 Fun diving game! 54

If you are a fan of “Wind Journeyman” and “flower”, then you will definitely not miss this game.
If you never play games, why not try this game to get started?

Game release time: August 2016

Game platform: PS4, PC (Steam)

5 Fun diving game! 55


“Subnautica” (beautiful water world) is a sandbox alien underwater survival game.
The game tells about a human spacecraft that accidentally fell into a vast ocean planet.
The protagonist has to drive his own lifeboat to survive in this vast ocean.

5 Fun diving game! 56

There are three modes in the game:

  • 1. Freedom mode, there is no hunger value, thirst value, you will not die because of this, Aurora, base, escape pod will not consume energy
  • 2. Survival mode survival In this mode, you have to find food, Water source, energy consumption to survive
  • 3. The extreme mode hardcore is the same as the survival mode, but you only have one chance, and at the same time, you [no hypoxia warning]!
5 Fun diving game! 57

During the survival adventure, you can see all kinds of magical alien underwater creatures.
The peculiar animal and plant forms and mysterious animal fossils are definitely a feast for the eyes!

5 Fun diving game! 58

There are a lot of props in the game, including water, plants, ores, etc., which are used as synthetic materials.
Suddenly feel that I have become half a naturalist with the huge collection of flora and fauna!

5 Fun diving game! 59

A must-play for survival adventure game lovers!
It contains a lot of knowledge of marine life, you can’t miss it if you are eager to learn~ Game release date: December 2014, follow-up updates. Game platform: PC (Steam) This game has a VR version. If you have HTC VIVE, you can try it~

5 Fun diving game! 60


This is a battle game. There are 6 players in a room. Two players play sharks and the other four play divers.
Play as a shark: Play as one of the 7 sharks. Speed ​​and perception are your most powerful weapons.
Track prey in the ocean and tear them up with blade-sharp teeth.
You can choose from great white sharks, tiger sharks, mako sharks, bull sharks, hammerhead sharks, thresher sharks, and epic megalodon sharks!

5 Fun diving game! 61

Play as a diver: As a human diver, you must explore treasures in the abyss to upgrade your arsenal.
Use powerful equipment to protect yourself, you can choose from spear guns, pistols, underwater rifles and mines.

5 Fun diving game! 62

In the dark underwater world, humans can get the treasures of the sea to upgrade their equipment, and defeat their opponents through various strategies, teamwork and secret operations.
Sharks improve their skills by killing people.
The two sides started a life and death battle, fiercely fighting each other!
Of course, in addition to the matchmaking mode where the blood spurts between players, Deep Sea Cry also includes a thrilling and thrilling mode against computer AI, which is convenient for everyone to fight freely in the case of no friends!

5 Fun diving game! 63

The editor must emphasize two things here: 1. Sharks are not as scary as they are in the game. They are obviously very cute. Otherwise, why do divers always chase the sharks on the seabed. 2. It cannot be like this in the game.
Injury sharks casually, quite a few species of sharks are endangered, they need our protection instead!

Game release date: November 2014

Game platform: PC (Steam)

5 Fun diving game! 64

4.Eternal blue

This game leads players to a dreamy adventure in the water on the islands in the southern Pacific Ocean.
The gameplay is the ordinary way of adventurous storytelling.

5 Fun diving game! 65

Throughout the process, you can enjoy the rare and unusual fish in the game, ranging from whales to seahorses and snails.


5 Fun diving game! 66

You can even train the dolphin to become your own submersible partner, accompany you to explore shipwrecks and find treasures, and train it to perform water shows, making the player’s underwater life colorful.

5 Fun diving game! 67

This game supports Wi-Fi connection for common underwater adventures, and voice communication corresponding to Wii-Speak. You can explore the sea with your friends, which fully reflects the shallow companion mechanism of divers.

5 Fun diving game! 68

Once the game was launched, it was immediately acclaimed, and Nintendo immediately launched the sequel “Eternal Blue: The Voice of the Sea”.
The sequel still maintains a super high standard and is well received.
Children’s shoes with wifi may wish to play the two together.
Game release date: 2009 Game platform: Wii The first three games can be found on Steam, and the fourth one can be played on Wii.
If you think these four models are inconvenient to play, then I can only come up with a killer feature in the editor: mobile games!

5.Hungry Shark Evolution

5 Fun diving game! 69

The gameplay is the same as the name of this game. Hungry sharks earn gold coins by eating. You can exchange more fierce sharks when you save a certain amount of gold coins!
As for what to eat, you know that in addition to waterfowl and small fish, the least scientific thing is that you can eat divers and swimmers.
Moreover, the diving trips in the game are in compliance with the buddy rules. Two people are very close together, so the sharks will eat a pair!

5 Fun diving game! 70

Of course, only eating is quite boring. There are box jellyfish, puffer fish, lionfish and other thorny creatures in the game. If you accidentally touch them, you will lose HP.

5 Fun diving game! 71

Occasionally, he would be attacked by the same kind, it was bloody!

5 Fun diving game! 72

But this game is very real. Different sharks have different ranges of activity depth. You can learn more about the habits of sharks through the game~

Game release time: August 2013

Game platform: IOS, Android

5 Fun diving game! 73

Today, the five games recommended by the editor are all based on diving, covering adventure, action, battle, and survival. I believe that one of them will be your dish~

I hope that everyone who wants to dive but is weak in your body will stay with the sea forever