In the vast ocean world, humans enter the deeper ocean world by diving into the water. So they can explore its infinite mysteries. Before becoming a diver, many people First question is how deep can you dive?

How deep can you dive

How deep can you dive? in 2021 13

“how deep can you dive?” This is a tricky question. We are reluctant to answer it because we worry that students may be eager to reach my greatest depth. So how deep should a diver be, or how deep is the limit? This depends on many factors. As breathing gas and level of experience. Or personal tolerance to high partial pressures of inert gases so on. Diving also has different methods, often chosen based on specific needs. For ordinary challengers, the greatest depth of 100 meters is a pleasant experience. More, how deep can you dive? Recreational scuba diving organizations set the depth of 130 feet for certified divers. Divers should pay attention to this guiding principle. In fact, experienced technical divers have fallen to more than 1,000 feet. This happened in recognized dangerous dives. Scuba diving institutions rely on complete considerations such as safety and user experience. They cannot provide leisure divers much more than their scope of services.

How deep can a person dive

Different organizations have different recommended depth guidelines for various recreational scuba diving certifications. Generally:


– Experience lessons (e.g., Discover Scuba diving by PADI) – 40 feet (12 meters);
– Undocumented dive – 40 feet (12 meters);
– First and second training groups – 40 feet (12 meters);
– Open Water Training 3rd and 4th Jump – 60ft (18m);
– Open water certification divers 60 feet (18 meters);
Experienced and qualified divers or advanced / depth trained divers (40 meters);


– Children 8-9 years old (first dive)-6 feet (2 meters);
– Children 8-9 years old (continuous training diving)-2 feet (4 meters);
– Children aged 10-11 (open water certified) – 40 feet (12 meters);


– Teens 12-14 years old (open water certified)-60 feet (18 meters);
– Teens 12-14 years old (advanced certification)-70 feet (21 meters);


– 15 and older are at the same age limit as adults.

how deep can you scuba dive

How deep can you dive? in 2021 14

Physiologists calculate that the limit for human deep diving is around 100 meters. In reality, the deepest record for human free diving is 113 meters.
The record-holder is explorer Gion Neri used his hands-free in 2006. The so-called freehand refers to divers not using any tools such as gas cylinders. Not even relying on them when diving or rising. Not other external devices. Relying on one’s breath. Relying on their outstanding physical strength. To brave the deep sea to complete the diving task. They have set the world record for freehand deep-diving four times. Now they are a representative figure in this field. After months of hard training, Gion Neri broke the limit record of 113 meters in freehand diving. And he became another knight conquering the deep sea.

How deep can a human dive

How deep can you dive? in 2021 15

Under normal circumstances, the diving limit of ordinary people is about 10 meters. Even some professional divers can reach the greatest of 20 meters. Once dived again, the human body will not be able to withstand the pressure in the water and will die. But in this world, there will always be some people who are willing and brave enough to challenge the limits. They are refreshing the physical records of human beings. They are moving deeper and farther.

How deep can a human dive before being crushed

The equipment record is 332 meters. The creator of the deep-diving record is an Egyptian extreme diving enthusiast. He wore simple equipment. Then dived to a depth of 332 meters in 2014. Breaking the 318-meter depth record set by South African Nuno Gomes on the Dahab coast in 2005. He became the creator of a new miracle. With the help of a rope, Gabri took 12 minutes to reach the depth but spent 15 hours returning to the surface. In this process, there are more or fewer risks to health. Gabriel was lucky to avoid it.

How deep can dolphins dive

How deep can you dive? in 2021 16

Near the Bermuda Islands, people tested the dolphin diving depth. They put a bottlenose dolphin with special sensors. Thirteen minutes later, the dolphins reached a depth of 1,000 meters. They entered the depths of the Atlantic to find food. We observe that dolphin diving depth far exceeds the height of the tallest building in the world. This judging by the diving distance only.

how deep can whales dive

How deep can you dive? in 2021 17

The deepest animal, the sperm whale can dive to 2200 meters.

How deep can a submarine dive

How deep can you dive? in 2021 18

At the moment, the first depth-submarine in the world is the Japanese submarine Kaiko. As the limit of humans going into the sea, the Kaiko submarine dives deep in the Mariana trench. It is the world’s deepest trench. It has reached 10,975 meters. We can say that this is the deepest dive record in the world. The Chinese-made Nine Dragon submarine has the deepest depth of 7062 meters. About the current sea area, the depth can reach 90% of the world’s sea areas. It can help to pass various types of diving operations. Except for China and Japan, other countries’ submarines can dive into the deep ocean floor. Of course, their actual dive distances are roughly the same. If you want to allow a submarine to dive into deeper waters, it will be difficult from a practical point of view. Not only because of the strong pressure on the seafloor. Also because of the submarine’s own weight and internal digestion. As far as the current level of research and development, further research is still needed. Relevant scientific departments are still studying to reach such a submerged level.
Even in today’s society where technology is so advanced. Even if people increase their efforts to march into the ocean. They still cannot completely uncover its mystery.