Far from the crowded market and stressful workplaces, immersed in the vast deep sea. And can only hear the voice of themselves. As a sport, diving has surpassed the sole purpose of physical fitness. Furthermore, it provides entertainment for people.

How to scuba dive

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As an underwater sport, no matter how you dive, you must first ensure the safety of the diver. Thus, everyone who wants to dive must pass the guidance of a professional instructor. It comprehends to master the basic equipment use. And related diving skills. Then you will get a diving-license issued by a professional institution. It is necessary to dive in security into the vast and deep ocean for exploration.

How to get scuba certified

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Learn diving and get a license are inseparable. This sport requires the safety of the divers. So the learner needs to consume more energy during the entire learning process. We can divide the diving teaching institutions and license types into categories. The first is PADI. It requires extensive study for the certification. It has become the first choice for many diving enthusiasts. So it has also become the largest and most successful diving organization in the world. You can get such licenses from Semporna, Sinka Motor, Thailand’s Koh Tao. And from Phuket, Shanghai, Bali, Maldives and Egypt. The institutions with high-cost performance and teaching quality? They are in the first three places. From the perspective of diving safety, you have to avoid diving in war-torn countries.
Followed by AIDA and SSI. The number of such admissions is small. It doesn’t matter if your area does not have the diving institution you want to apply for. You can exchange the certificates between these institutions after paying the handling fee.

What does scuba mean

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Scuba diving means that divers carry the appropriate underwater breathing equipment for diving. Such as buoyancy regulation devices, respirators, regulators. Primary head, secondary head and so on. Thus, the main feature of scuba diving is to use other equipment. It helps divers adjust their breathing and ensure smooth underwater breathing. We could see this equipment as another “lung” of people underwater.

Who Invented Scuba

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The difference between scuba diving and freediving is equipment. The premise of scuba diving should be the underwater auxiliary breathing equipment. One of the inventors of scuba equipment is the famous Jacques Yves Cousteau. He is a diving fanatic who always wanted to challenge the underwater limits of human beings. He explored step by step from a depth of 18 meters underwater. Inventing the underwater breathing apparatus and opened the era of scuba diving. Facing the deep-sea world, he also brought the underwater scene to the big screen. The first underwater film “Under 18 Meters” became hailed at the Cannes Film Festival in 1943. It used images to show the silent underwater world to all human beings. In 1961, President Kennedy presented to Costeau the National Geographic Society’s reward. It was the Special Gold Medal.

What is scuba diving

Scuba diving is generally divided into Recreational Diving, Technical Diving and Commercial Diving. Recreational diving refers to watching recreational diving activities. Usually with a depth of no more than 40m. Technical diving refers to challenging diving activities. Such as deep diving, exploring underwater caves, and sunken ships. Industrial diving refers to diving activities of an industrial nature. Such as underwater engineering and shipbuilding.

How to get a scuba certification

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The premise of certification is excellent sea diving skills. We have to understand what kind of equipment we need to dive into the ocean floor. And the characteristics of the equipment to be proficient in using this equipment. Besides, we can dive under with water to deal with various emergencies. Only after the required studies, they can take part in the certification assessment.

How old do you have to be to scuba dive

For safety reasons, the smallest age for obtaining a scuba diving license is 10 years. Among them, children under 13 years of age need the accomplishment of the guardian. And protection with a certificate. Student divers younger than 15 years of age can only qualify as PADI Junior Open Water Diver. When they reach 15 years of age, they can upgrade to PADI Open Water Diver certification.
In his letter to Theo, Van Gogh said: “Everyone has a fire in their hearts, and people passing by only see smoke“. And those who have not entered the underwater world? Those cannot appreciate the endless joy that tranquillity brings to themselves. Immerse yourself in the vast ocean and observe the splendid underwater world.
At this moment, the smallness of human beings is manifest to the fullest. The magic of nature’s creations is intoxicating. Attract a group of people who loved nature to invest in the blue.
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