The sea breeze swept across the cheek, and the ocean was boundless. A gorgeous ocean landscape, waiting for the explorer of those who is interested. Stood on the island and looked at the blue waves, as if it was far away from the noise of the city, and gained peace of mind. This is Tao Island. There are much marine life as numerous as the stars, bright corals can be seen everywhere, and numerous high-quality dive sites.

koh tao scuba diving

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Koh Tao has the unique advantages of diving. The coastline is twisty and the sea is clear and vast. Therefore, it has become a world-class diving destination and is also the dream of divers.

The following will introduce high-quality dive sites on Koh Tao according to the dive site distribution area.

Koh Nang Yuan

Dive Site:

Japanese Garden: It has colorful and beautiful corals, and also has a great variety of creatures. Such as small sea wolves, small fish, and hawksbills,etc..

The Depth is 4-18 meters, the environment is safe and comfortable.

Twins (Twin Peaks): Located on Nangyuan Island. Swarming of sea wolves, moray eels, and blue-spotted cormorants swim here, surrounded by corals.

The depth is 2-24 meters.

Buoyancy world: It is built on the northern sandy land in Nanyuandao Bay. The delicate white sand is a natural playground, with whale sharks and moray eels distributed at a depth of 5-20 meters.

Mango Bay: All kinds of fish are around there. Colorful coral reefs are distributed on both sides with a large area of ​​sand in the middle. There was a depth of only 2-16 meters and a high safety factor.

Lighthouse (Light House): Located on the east side of Mango Bay. It is a beautiful coral garden, making the magnificent colors appear in the water. The depth of

is 4-16 meters. The visitors are relatively rare. The scenery is quiet and beautiful.

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Koh Samui

Dive Site:

SailRock / Hin Bai (nautical stone): The depth is 1-35 meters. Whale sharks are infested here. You can even see sea wolves, large groupers, Jack storm and other wonders, suitable for advanced divers.

Ang Thong Marine Park: An exquisite and narrow snow-white beach, a beautiful ecological environment, and a wide variety of species, form the beautiful diving scenery of Antong Marine Park.

Chumphon Pinnacle (Chun Peng): The depth is 14-45 meters. Large groupers, yellow-tailed fish, and whale sharks shake their heads and live freely. The environment is sometimes turbulent, suitable for advanced divers.

Southwest Peak: There are blue-grey sea wolves clustering and beautiful coral gathering. The fish swayed in the clear blue water, and there were also secret reefs. The scenery is spectacular.

Other Dive Sites

Dive Sites:

Red Stone: There are many marine creatures hidden in the cracks of the stones, such as sea hares, shrimp, and crabs. It will be quite interesting to explore these creatures, and there are fish schools hiding here, and it is connected to the Japanese garden to the south. It has a depth of 5-22 meters.

Green Stone: Sometimes a large wave, the depth is 2-24 meters. So you need to have certain diving experience and skills. It has baseball fish and sea wolves, beautiful scenery and pleasant ecology.

White Stone: Turtles crawl slowly, shaking their heads. Blue-spotted magpies and morays hide between stone gaps. Staghorn corals are scattered around. Soldierfish, small grouper, and yellow snapper swim nearby and bring vigor and vitality.

Wreck: The shipwreck is a warship left over from World War II retired. After 11 years of scouring, the structure is intact, exuding a long and victorious atmosphere. Diving at this dive site, not only can you see the scars of history, but also countless schools of fish. It has a depth of 16-30 meters and requires high diving skills and experience.


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Diving Sanctuary

If you want to see the unrestrained marine life, especially those who are whale sharks, you must go to:

South-west pinnacle and Chumphon Pinnacle.

The sea is clear and transparent, and the waves are undulating; corals gather in clusters to form colorful scenery; there are many species in the dive site, such as starfish, yellowtail fish, and moray fish. Distraught. The most striking thing about is the whale sharks, which have a high appearance frequency. The huge and mighty whale sharks are the characteristic landscape here.

However, both dive sites are deeper and more suitable for advanced divers.


If you are dedicated to a wider world, in pursuit of more exciting life recommendations:

Sail Rock

This is the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand.

It has a depth of 1-35 meters, and there are Jack Storm and Sea Wolf Storm.

This not only meets the needs of advanced divers to challenge themselves, but also meets the needs of divers to further explore the ocean, enriches life experience, and challenges stimulate life. The disadvantage of is that the sailing stone is located in the open sea, and you need to report itinerary when you travel.


If you like macro diving can try once:

Lighthouse (Light House)

Lighthouse is a beautiful coral garden, the scenery is refreshing.

This dive site has few people and suitable depth. It is suitable for divers who want a leisurely vacation.


Dive store training recommended

 New Way Diving

  1. The coach is approachable, modest, careful, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, familiar with the environment in the diving area, and provides personalized services professionally.
  2. The equipment is excellent and complete, the service is considerate, and the special portable camera is provided for the diver. After the customer dives, the photos taken during the dives will be sent to the customer by email.
  3. The diving course is novel and unique . Advanced diving course, open water course, etc. are provided. There will also be a test of theoretical study and a final paper.
  4. Moderate price and value for money. The teaching atmosphere is suitable. Divers can see barracuda, devil fish and other fish at an appropriate price to experience the fun of diving.

teaching atmosphere is suitable, divers can see barracuda, devil fish and other fish at an appropriate price and experience the fun of diving.

DJL Diving (DJL diving)

  1. Provide excellent equipment, well-trained service personnel, patient and conscientious coaches, rich professional knowledge and excellent environment.
  2. Padi5 star diving company, with unique style, provides unique projects and interesting courses, such as DSD project, open water.
  3. Diving course and Advanced Open Water Diver course, etc., with unique advantages.
  4. The diving atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. In the restaurant and bar, you can not only enjoy rich dinner and delicious drinks, but also communicate with other divers and share the fun
  5. Superior geographical location, you can go to many high-quality potential points at any time, saving time and speed.

list of training dive shops

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Calypso Diving-Koh Tao (KAlipso Diving-Koh Tao)

Calypso Diving-Koh Tao provides professional diving teaching, professional and friendly coaching team, patience and harmony, high safety awareness, excellent equipment and infrastructure , The efficient use of time, provides a maximum and beautiful atmosphere, a strong family atmosphere.

Green Blue Diving Hall

Green Blue Diving Hall is strategically located with humorous staff and rich experience in coaching.

provides professional training and useful information, as well as delicious drinks. It is a diving school with an excellent experience, where you can get an open water certificate.

Koh Tao Diving

Koh Tao Diving course is new and interesting, clear, and systematic.

learns at this dive site and will enjoy free diving equipment provided by the dive site, such as masks and snorkels.

In addition, turtle island diving is reasonably priced and it is cheaper to obtain a diver’s license.

New Way Diving In the

New Way Diving, the instructor is modest, cautious, approachable, the equipment is advanced and advanced, and the course system is reasonable, which can lead divers to enjoy excellent diving fun.

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Pura Vida Diving (Pure Life Diving)

Pura Vida Diving offers multilingual services. The diving center is spacious, personalized service is in place, the price is reasonable, and it is widely praised.

DJL Diving (DJL Diving)

This dive shop is a PADI 5-star diving company with highly professional staff. It offers well-equipped equipment, rich dinners and delicious drinks. The diving atmosphere is friendly and relaxing, the courses are unique and interesting, and the location is excellent . In addition to the praise of

as a diving destination, Koh Tao is also a scenic spot with intoxicating ecological environment, such as Chaweng Beach, Thong Nai Pan Beach, Mae Nam Beach, Nanmen Waterfall and so on.

After diving deeply, if you feel a little tired, you may go to these attractions to relax and further appreciate the charming charm of Koh Tao.