Faber Stealth High Pressure Steel Tank 100 Cubic Feet, 12.9 Liters


HP100 Steel Cylinder Tank 100 Cu. Ft

  • Built in Italy by Faber Cylinders with 40 years of experience?
  • Oxygen cleaned for use with up to 40% pre-blended Nitrox?
  • Exclusive Phosphatized-cleaned internal surface?
  • Triple-protected zinc spray plus epoxy and polyurethanepainted finish for long lasting durability.?
  • Manufactured using the deep draw process with?Chromium Molybdenum steel?
  • Includes XS Scuba PRO valve with PVD finish?and safety handwheel?
  • High quality, injection-molded custom tank boot?with round rim?
  • 3442 psi working pressure, 7.25″ Diameter.
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