Aqua Lung Fusion Bullet Drysuit Skin


Refresh your Fusion Bullet (Fit/Xscape/Sport) Drysuit with a new outer layer. The outer layer is easily exchanged by utilizing the RapidZip feature.


  • Zippered Ankles.?Unzip to make it even easier to get in and out of your drysuit. Zip back up to create that streamlined fit, reducing drag.
  • Extra Storage.?Generously sized twin-zip expansion pockets with D-ring attachment point and drainage
  • Stretch Construction.?Super-stretch neoprene Skin provides excellent mobility and streamlining
  • GatorTech ProTM Kneepads.?Rugged 1mm GatorTech ProTM kneepads extend down the shin offering padding and protection
  • Strong seams.?Seams are mauser taped and 6 thread sewn for maximum stretch and durability
  • Fast Drying.?Exclusive RapidZip System for faster drying times and quick Skin exchanges
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