Oceanic Alpha 10 SPX Regulator



The?SPX?in the Alpha 10 refers to the redesigned regulator first stage. It now has a compact design and has ribbings that help draw out heat from the surrounding water. This prevents the components from icing during cold water diving. The regulator design has an EN250A certification, making it approved for use in 4¡ãC waters.

The first stage is made of triple-chromed marine-grade brass for added durability and longevity. It has four LP ports and 2 HP ports with 3/8¡å and 7/16¡å threads. Divers can route hoses optimally thanks to the angled LP ports.

The second stage of the Alpha 10 SPX has a pneumatically balanced design. While most pneumatically balanced second stage designs are more commonly seen on high-end regulators, Oceanic brings it to their more economical Alpha 10 SPX. Conventional second stages use a spring to prevent a freeflow when breathing. However, this spring also makes it more difficult to breathe as you use up more air trying to overcome the closing of the spring. This spring system is better suited to deeper dives as shallow dives will make the spring tension stronger than it needs to be.

  • Pre-dive switch for preventing free flow
  • Unbalanced flow-by piston first stage
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Miflex braided low pressure 3/8¡å threaded hose
  • Comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece
  • First & Second Stage EN250A-certified
  • Can be used in waters with temperatures as cold as 4¡ãC
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