Riffe Terminator Stubby Knife


RIFFE¡¯s Terminator Stubby Knife blades are made of 420 heat treated stainless steel, capable of cutting through Stainless Steel cable, Monofilament and High tech line. All RIFFE knives are Teflon coated for corrosion resistance. Single serrated 3.5¡å Blade 8.5¡å Overall Length low profile knife grip makes it easy to handle and includes a tool for removing shafts from the reef Self Locking Deluxe setup ¨C Rubber leg straps, Forearm & Leg Stretch straps, ?& Lanyard.
  • One piece constructed 420 hardened stainless steel teflon coated blade
  • Double sided serrated blade capable of cutting through virtually anything
  • Self-locking sheath made with glass filled nylon
  • Three mounting options
  • Knife measures 3.5″; approximately 1″ shorter than the Terminator knife.?
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