XS Scuba Complete Argon Regulator


  • Compact, low profile first stage

  • Specifically designed for drysuit inflation

  • Flow-by piston design

  • One HP and two MP ports pressure ports

  • Factory set I.P. at 115 to 125 psi at 3000 psi

  • Direct attachment to 200 or 300 bar DIN connection

  • Includes 22¡± Miflex QD hose in orange color

  • Includes Over Pressure Valve (p/n AC395)

  • Includes Delrin DIN cap w/ lanyard (p/n HL401)

  • Includes Mini Tech Gauge (p/n HL502)

  • Optional Spin-On Yoke (p/n AC370) for yoke attachment

    Now includes orange hose

p/n HL405


Argon System – Drysuit Inflation Kit

  • Aluminum 8 cu ft cylinder

  • XS Scuba PRO Valve (p/n VX200)

  • Highland Pony Mount (p/n HL409)

  • Complete Argon Regulator (p/n HL405)

  • Argon cylinder sticker (p/n ST240)

Now includes orange hose

p/n HL413

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