Scuba diving bali will become the worth trip in your life.Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods”.Shipwrecks, coral reefs, and colorful marine life are waiting for you at the diving spots of Tulamben, Padang Bai, Amed, Penida & Nusa Lembongan. Bali is definitely a sacred island worth your wear the equipment and scuba diving!

Scuba Diving Bali Point Recommended

The Liberty Warship 

Junior divers who have the dream of undersea exploration can’t miss the USAT Liberty shipwreck of the blueprint
It is 120 meters long, with an average visibility of about 15-25 meters, and is rich in biological species. Parrots, giant groupers, and other creatures, as well as a variety of small shrimps, crabs, clownfish, catfish, angelfish, snapper, and clusters of garden moray eel swaying in the water, and you can even see stormy Jack fish group.

Secret Bay

Those who like “garbage diving” and macro diving must go to
It is located in the western part of Bali. The overall storm is relatively small, and it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the bustling city. Here you can fully enjoy the tranquility of the sea floor, stay quietly in the sea, and observe various small creatures. thus it is the best place to enjoy life on a leisurely vacation. Especially if it is a newlywed honeymoon come to here to enjoy the Bali spa is definitely a good memory ~

Crystal Bay and Manta Point

Recommended for those who have diving experience and want to see giant things
If you are lucky at Crystal Bay, you can see the famous sunfish (maximum body length can reach 3.0-5.5 m and weight 1400-3500 kg) floating on the water and lying on the side.
Manta Point is located at the bay. It is a cleaning station for devil fish (also known as manta rays, wingspan 5-6 meters). Although it is not a 100% chance, is it a 95% probability? I am recommended to see it at noon. At noon will provide high visibility. if you are lucky, you also can see several at the same time.

When to go to Scuba Diving Bali

Balmy evenings and sultry days, Bali is a tropical haven located 8 degrees south of the equator. Experience comfortably warm days at the sun-bleached beaches without having to worry about sudden rainfall and intolerable humidity.

Rain And Temperature

Water Temperature

Divers often see angelfish, surgeons, lionfish, and trumpetfish, as well as barracudas and sharks of many kinds – including black tip, white tip, and potentially even a tiger shark.

Sea turtles, snakes, octopus and manta rays are other frequently encountered inhabitants of these dive spots – and the luckiest visitors may even swim with dolphins, orcas, or the world’s largest mammal – the great blue whale. Whether you do one dive or 100, scuba diving the oceans of Indonesia will prove to be a memorable experience.

SharksWhitetip reef sharkBlacktip reef sharkBull sharkHammerhead sharkNurse sharksThresher sharkTiger sharkWhale sharkRaysEagle rayManta rayFishesStonefishSunfish (mola mola)SeahorseWhalesHumpback whalePilot whaleSperm whaleManatee (dugong)TurtleHawksbill turtleDolphinsCommon dolphin


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Main airport
Bali has a lot of dive spots, the following is introduced according to the island.

1.Lembongan Island

Dive Site:
  • 1.Toyapakeh—A popular dive site. There are beautiful soft corals, rich marine life, including ribbon eels, sea snakes, turtles, sea hares, unicorn fish at dusk, etc.
  • 2.Crystal Bay—It is like its name. The clear waters such as crystal-clear, the corals are diverse and bright in color. It is also the most famous cleaning station for manta rays.
  • 3. Manta Point—It is located at the bay. It is a cleaning station for devil fish (5-6 meters of wingspan). Although it is not a 100% chance, is it a 95% probability? I am recommended to see it at noon. At this time will provide high visibility. If you got good luck, you also can see several at the same time.
  • 4. Blue Corner—Large-depth, high-flow dive sites. Few dive shops will go. Some require more than 50 dives, and some need more than 100 dives. This shows the difficulty of this dive site. The highlight of this place is cliff diving, there is a great chance to see schools of fish, many types of sharks, giant Napoleon, hawk owl, Mola, etc.


Dive Site:
  • 1. USAT Liberty shipwreckThe most famous shipwreck. The highlight is that the Bolbometopon muricatum who gets up at sunrise. It is also suitable for dusk diving and night diving.
  • 2. Coral Garden— You can find 5-6 different shrimps at the same time, including tiger shrimp.
  • 3. Drop Off—Cliff diving, a lot of sea fans, usually with good visibility, there are bean seahorse, boxing crab, popcorn shrimp and so on.
  • 4. Batu Ringgit—Garbage diving, a variety of jellyfish, ghost dragon, shrimp and crab, etc.
  • 5. Seraya Secrets—Melasti, the famous donut sea hare and lamb sea hare, skull shrimp, blue ring octopus, mimic octopus.
  • 6. Batu Kelebit—coral reef fish is rich in dive sites, snapper, fine scales (especially yellow eye-spotted bream species), damselfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, there are many types, colorful.
One more thing about the Tulamben, the special species of jellyfish, shrimp, crab, octopus, and ghost dragon that the classmates who like macros like to shoot can have opportunities to find at various dive sites. The local experienced guide is very important, and the season also very important.
 Those who like “garbage diving” and macro diving must go to Kashima!

3.Menjangan (MJ) Island: Kashima

Dive Site:
It is in BaliNorthwestlocated in the Ministry and belongs to Menjangan Marine Park. It is a 5-hour drive from the airport. The boat dive is quiet here, Bali away from the hustle and bustle of the bustling area. Here you Taoyuancan find outdoor tranquility, of course, it is also a diving paradise. Shipwreck dive, cliff dive, and garbage dive are all very good. Visibility is usually very good, it can reach more than 50 meters. If your diving style is to enjoy tranquility, like Muck Diving, want to see unicorn fish, Mimic Octopus, various macro themes, and want to enjoy Bali’s SPA, private beach, wedding honeymoon, etc. this is perfect for you. Recommended Dive Sites:
  • 1. Secret BayKnown as the Balibest garbage dive site, with a width of 2 kilometers, a water depth of 3-12 meters, and with visibility of 50 meters.
  • 2. Pos twoCliff diving, release diving, when there is cold water flowing up, you also have the opportunity to see manta, mole, mole and some big things.
  • 3. Anker wreckThere is a 19th-century wooden shipwreck, suitable for deep diving and cliff diving.


Scuba Diving Bali Store Recommended

Strongly recommend these three:

Joe’s Gone Diving

1. PADI five-star IDC diving center.
2. Excellent location: The diving center is located in the center of Sanur, which can go to most diving spots in Bali
3. High-quality diving equipment (Aqualung).
4. Multilingual lecturer. The PADI diving course is available in many languages.
5. spacious diving center. A large swimming pool and a small diving shop

Diving Indo

1. Five-star PADI dive shop
2. Excellent location, located in Sanur is only 30 minutes away by speedboat from the legendary island of Nusa Penida.
3. Abundant diving menu. In addition to Bali, diving services in other parts of the island are also available.
4. Professional and experienced diving instructors and high-quality diving equipment SCUBAPRO are updated every two years.
Diving Indo’s new diving resort is located in Sanur and is conveniently located from one of Bali’s premier diving areas, the legendary Nusa Penida The island is only a 30-minute speedboat ride.
Diving India offers you diving programs around Bali and other parts of Indonesia.

Legend Diving Lembongan

Legend Diving Lembongan ideally located in Jungut Batu area on Nusa Lembongan, you can have easy access to the largest beach on the island. There are a lot of accommodation and dining options around.
Besides, this is a multilingual, professional and passionate dive team. They are dedicated to providing an excellent and personalized service.
It is in a great location with access to the island’s largest beaches, with many accommodations and dining options around. The is conveniently located just minutes from world-class diving in the Nusa Penida Marine Sanctuary.

Scuba Diving Bali Store List

1.French Kiss Divers

French Kiss Divers is a diving center in Nusa Lembongan that offers diving for every level from 8 o’clock. Try diving, recreational diving, recreational and professional diving training. FKD offers a wide range of services and is open daily. Batfish and turtles are found almost every day, as well as much other fish.

2.Adventure Scuba Diving Bali

Adventure Scuba Diving Bali is a PADI five-star diving center located in Seminyak, southern Bali. whether it is scuba diving or snorkeling, has a personal day trip, multi-day trip, PADI courses, and liveaboard programs. The diving center has a team of professional, fun and patient instructors. If you are looking for the safest and most interesting diving experience and the most professional course training then this one is the right choice.


AquaMarine’s focus is to provide guests with high-quality services and the best diving experience and to provide solutions that suit the interests, experiences, and preferences of each diver.

4.Legend Diving Lembongan

Legend Diving Lembongan is the 5-star IDC center of Padi in the north of this beautiful island. Lembongan Legend Dive Hotel is a medium-sized diving center known for its family atmosphere and everyone is warmly welcomed. It offers diving trips to Noosa. Joe’s Gone Diving

5.Joe’s Gone Diving

PADI 5-star IDC diving center in Sanur, Bali.
Diving Indo is a family owned and run PADI 5-star scuba diving resort in Bali. It gives all guests a big Bali welcome, exhilarating diving, world-class safety, and heaps of fun! With over 10 years’ experience diving in Bali, a multi-lingual team, and top-quality dive boats and equipment, you can enjoy Bali’s best diving or snorkeling. I have shared so much information with you. Are you excited about your trip to Bali?

Do you have a favorite scuba diving location? Let us know in the comments below!