Scuba diving in Hawaii will become a worth trip in your life. World-Famous Hawaii has beautiful views of the blue sea, blue sky, gentle customs, and a wonderful underwater world. The sea is clear and blue, but it is full of vitality due to the variety of species, so it is a great place for diving, which makes me fascinated.

There are countless high-quality dive sites in this pleasant place. To present the dive sites in a more organized manner, I will introduce them islands.

Scuba diving in hawaii Recommended:

1. has a rich diving experience and wants to challenge me to recommend:

Two-Step Kapoho and Tide Pool

These two dive sites have diverse underwater landscapes, diverse landscapes, unique scenery, and the diving process is also unusual. Diving skills with some diving experience.

2. Junior divers who like to enjoy the charming scenery and cute animals on the seafloor can try:

Captain Cook Monument

Captain Cook Monument waters have a large number of aquatic marine protection animals. It is interesting and interesting, with electric eels and turtles. , Sea urchin, etc.

3. People who like macro diving must come:


Molokini is located in the crater, which requires a boat to enter, away from the hustle and bustle, quiet and indifferent.

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Scuba diving on Oahu

Dive Site:

  • Shark Bay: Beautiful scenery, rich tropical fishes gather in the blue waves, you can see turtles, eels, sea urchins, and even small white-headed reef sharks. The area to the right is suitable for medium divers.
  • Quelima Bay: Located on the east side of Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of Oahu, it has beautiful scenery and colorful crystal-like corals.
  • Turtle Canyon: The famous “Turtle Canyon” is located on a reef near Waikiki Beach. As the name suggests, this is the home of the turtles. The lively turtles and bright coral reefs are the obvious diving advantages here.
  • Lanikai Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches in the country. When the is calm, this is the place to go diving. dives into this beautiful ocean and you can also see the endangered protected animal Red Sea Turtle. However, due to the fine sand, the visibility here is slightly blurred.

Scuba diving on Big Island

Dive Site:

  • Kahaluu Beach Park: The water is shallow, the corals are clustered in the sea, the fish is small, and the characteristics are distinctive.
  • Captain Cook Monument: The best snorkeling spot on the Big Island, with beautiful scenery and remarkable volcanic landforms, like a paradise. The water is shimmering and haunted by many marine conservation creatures.
  • Two-Step: A piece of stone named after the seaside is just a two-stage stone. The underwater terrain is rich and diverse. Coral is lined with water and waves. You can see sea turtles and lively fish.
  • Kapoho Tide Pool: “tidal pool”, there are many depressions like swimming pools at the seaside, and there is much fun. The underwater terrain is intricate, sometimes flat and abrupt, and sometimes steep and rugged. is immersed in the ocean, and you can see the trajectory of the water flow, beautiful and novel.
  • Carlsmith Beach Park: This dive site is relatively shallow, with no corals, but has a group of cute turtles. It is one of the easiest beaches on the island to see turtles. The seawater is clear and transparent, the sea breeze blows , and the turtle shakes its head and swings its tail.
  • Maumee Beach: The main body is a fine sandy beach, not a rugged volcanic rock, which is particularly rare in the landslides where volcanic rocks are spread. the snorkeling area is located next to the reefs at both ends of the beach. invades the sea, and you can see free-swimming fish and colorful corals.

There are many high-quality dive sites on the Big Island, and you can see all kinds of marine life. However, if you want to enjoy the fun of travel besides diving, try out Maui.

Best scuba diving in hawaii [Oahu, Big Island, Maui, Kauai] 17

Scuba diving on Maui

Dive Site:

  • Molokini: The submerged crater is said to be the best snorkeling spot in Hawaii and even in the world. The water in this area is slow and clear, the sun is bright, and the mottled colors are staggered on the corals, which is a rare diving place.
  • Turtle Town: Well-known, this dive site is a paradise for turtle lovers. Well-behaved turtles are everywhere. But the water here is slightly turbid.

There are many excellent diving spots on Maui, as well as characteristic folklore and scenery. There is a lavender farm on Maui Island. Every time the flowering season comes, a scent of lavender swept away, the fragrance is not greasy. In addition to lavender, the island also has a large area of ​​sunflowers, which smiles toward the sun and exudes vitality. Also, the golf course on Maui is well known. Under the sun, people are sweating on the golf course, showing the charm of sports.

Scuba diving on Kauai

Dive Site:

  • Poipu: The beach is the most popular beach on the south coast of Kauai, consisting of Poipu Beach Park and several resorts. Poipu Beach was voted the best beach in the United States by the Travel America Channel and ranked first among the 10 “best” beaches in the country. Visitors to this beach can snorkel, swim, and surf and surf in the natural ocean pool

Divers can access the south shore year-round by boat and take in some great dive sites.

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Dive store training recommendation

After comprehensive comparison of different dive stores on Hawaii Island, these three dive stores stand out from many competitors.

 Hawaiian Undersea Time

  1. Superior location, located in ConA, USA, adjacent to high-quality diving area
  2. Diving equipment is of high quality and rich, including diving suit, regulator and other equipment, which should be available. In addition to the equipment provided by the dive shop, the diver can also provide his diving equipment.
  3. Diving coaches are experienced, kind-hearted, knowledgeable and humorous, and they are also competent in multi-language teaching.
  4. The spacious diving center provides high-quality services, including a hot water bath, dessert supply, beverage supply, etc.
  5. PADI five star IDC diving center has won the Excellence Award

Reef Island Diving:

  1. Rich diving menu, a wide range of play items, including scuba diving, snorkeling and other forms, including underwater fish feeding, turtle experience, undersea tour and other content, interesting.
  2. A professional and experienced diving coach is not only careful but also helpful.
  3. Team professional responsibility. Led by a small professional team, everyone can be taken good care of
  4. Excellent personalized service. Provide the most suitable service according to the current situation of divers

Mike Severns Diving:

  1. Convenient location, located in Kihei, Hawaii, adjacent to the high-quality diving area.
  2. There are various types of activities, including water activities, group tours, outdoor activities, and cruises, etc., which can not only enjoy the beautiful undersea scenery, but also experience a variety of fun playing methods, and the process of playing is rich and wonderful.
  3. High professional level, professional facilities, and highly professional coaches, providing comfortable services for divers

Best scuba diving in hawaii [Oahu, Big Island, Maui, Kauai] 19

Diving store list

Jack dive lock

Jack diving lock is located in Kona, Hawaii, USA. It focuses on providing customers with high-quality services, enjoys a high praise rate, provides trained instructors, and leads divers to enjoy wonderful diving trips. opens on Sundays and Saturdays at 8:00, with the rest of the day closed.

In Scuba Diving Maui Dive Co

is located in Lahaina, Hawaii, with a variety of recreational styles, including recreational diving and professional diving training, high-quality groups, complete facilities, excellent recreational atmosphere, staff enthusiasm, and strive to find the best for your Training method. is open on Sunday and Saturday, starting at seven.

Sammy Scuba Diving

is also located in Lahaina, with a very good brand reputation. personalized service is in place, the coach is serious and responsible, and professional knowledge is solid.
Through all kinds of introductions, rippling Hawaii Island has already come to mind. I wonder if you have the idea to come and see for yourself?
If so, give it a try, Hawaii won’t let you down.

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